What being a feminist means to me

When I was just a little bit younger, the idea of being considered a feminist at all really confused, and even scared me a little bit. The people in my school seemed to discuss being a feminist as a bad thing, and that it was just being an over-hormonal woman. Starting to move schools and wanting to be liked, the idea of staying quiet about ideas I believed in, became my normal. It wasn’t until I discovered myself a little more and did more research about the topic that I realized it wasn’t a bad thing at all. Being a feminist to me is the way I feel that all people should be equal, even if they are a boy or a girl. My Mom always taught me that I should stick up for what I believe in, even if it is different from someone else’s view. For a long time, I worried about being judged or excluded because of my opinions, but now at 15, I share my opinion very openly and have been more open in doing so increasingly. I feel that I have been able to educate more people, especially girls, the power of feminism for everyone, and that it doesn’t have to mean women dominating men (even if I can feel that it better is sometimes) it can simply mean that you feel you want the same opportunities as any other boy or any other form of equality in any way.


Something I find to be the worst is the difference of treatment between others, especially from something I cannot control such as gender or what I look like. But I feel that coming over these things over time, has been a journey that is still occurring and I feel I will never reach the end of. The meaning behind being a woman or girl doesn’t have to mean one thing, which I find I used to think was the case. It can mean anything you make it to be, whether it is nothing that anyone thinks is ‘trendy’ or ‘cool’. Most of my confidence comes from me being myself in the form of using my creativity in things like writing or fashion. Some people hate what I wear, they may think it's strange or weird, though I find it is something I can always rely on to stand out from others. I have always disliked being considered ‘basic’ and being like everyone else. I find the feminist movement and the research I have done on it allows me to feel more comfortable in myself and what I wear even though the ‘popular’ girls might judge me. 


I have several feminist icons who are absolutely beautiful, and their work has really morphed me into the person I am today. People such as Ellen Degeneres, Michelle Obama and Beyonce, I had as childhood icons, they showed me from a very young age that being a woman could not hold me back from anything. Blake Lively, Janelle Monae, Katherine Goble- Johnson and Marsha P. Johnson are some of the main women I have found within the past couple of years who have really empowered me to have my own voice for the world and not be afraid to share it, and you can do exactly the same, and make it your own. Find your own opinions and voice, and the way you ever feel necessary to express it.

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