What are Oi tampons and products made from?

Oi tampons, pads and liners are made from certified organic cotton – free from chlorine bleaching, synthetics such as rayon and polypropylene, toxic chemicals, dyes, fragrances and lubricants.

What are most pads, liners and tampons made from?

Most menstrual pads, liners and tampons contain synthetics.

These are made up of plastics such as polythene, polypropylene and polyacrylate super absorbent gel, surfactants and chlorine-bleached wood pulp - as well as fragrance and colours.

Does Oi use chlorine bleaching?

No we don’t.  Most tampons are commonly made using chlorine bleaching, rayon or a combination of conventionally grown cotton, one the most highly sprayed crops on earth.

Chlorine bleaching practises produce dioxin as a by-product - a substance linked to health issues such as cancer, endometriosis and immune system compromise.

By choosing Oi you are saying No to the use of synthetics and toxic chemicals in your tampons and pads.

What is Oi’s packaging made of?

Oi boxes are recyclable, and our inks are made from vegetable and plant based dyes.

Pads and liners wrappers are made with biodegradable cornstarch. Our most environmentally friendly tampon is the cardboard applicator tampon, individually wrapped in paper. The digital tampons are currently individually wrapped in recyclable polypropylene. In the cases where technology is not there yet, we may take to market our certified organic cotton products, in the best available packaging.

Oi aims to use the most environmentally friendly packaging and adhesives available on the market.

Where are Oi products made?

Oi is a New Zealand owned company. Our products are made in Europe and adhere to the strict guidelines set out by GOTS (Global organic textile standard) BioGro (New Zealand’s organic certifier) and the FDA (Food and drug administration) from farm to you.

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