Who can use Oi’s period products?

Oi feminine hygiene products are for people who get periods. Not everyone who gets a period is a woman, and not every woman gets a period. Most girls and women will menstruate, with the average age for menstruation being 12.5 years old, and menopause occurring between 45 and 55 years old, resulting in periods stopping. Our bodies are all unique and when we start and finish our periods varies. For example, many girls get their period much younger than 12 years old. Transgender men, non-binary and gender-queer individuals also get periods. All people with periods have the chance to make a difference by choosing period products which are good for their health and better for the environment..

Why do you have an Oi Cup, when it is not organic?

There is no biodegradable cup yet. But by using the Oi Cup every month it removes synthetic pads, tampons and harmful chemicals from the environment.

How do Oi Girl Subscriptions work?

Oi! You’ve got enough on your plate. Don’t let worrying about your period bring you down. With our quarterly subscription service, we’ve got you covered! Easily edit your order and skip a month.

How do I skip my subscription?

The skip a month button will delay your order by 28 days. Your shipping cycle will resume from that new date.

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